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This guide to exhibiting will help you answer some of the most common questions we get asked when planning your exhibition stand.

Step 1: Find a suitable exhibition, do a bit of research, most shows have data available from previous years. The most popular venues have a "what's on" guide listing upcoming shows. There are several venues all over the UK and Europe. Select a venue that has a large foot fall, good transport links and hosts quality shows.

Step 2: Booking the space. Don't always opt for the shell scheme package offered. For similar money you can have a custom exhibition stand. This will help you stand out from the crowd, highlight your brand and draw people into your space. DON'T book too larger space, floor space is expensive. Don't spend all your money on the plot leaving nothing to produce the actual stand, it happens (a lot). It's better to have a smaller visually appealing stand that works for you, than a large, empty space.

Step 3: Consider what you need to make the space work for you. Seating, store room, TV's.
Are you giving samples away, running live demos throughout the day.
Large format graphics, models and screens help to attract the eye of passing customers. Will you be handing out literature, pen drives with all your product details on. Hand out a stylish carrier bag, so customers will walk around advertising your brand. Staff T-shirts with you brand, web address on. Hire in promotional staff that know how to work the crowd.

Step 4: Let people know your exhibiting. Notify all your existing customers that you'll be at the show. Invite key clients to the stand. Advertise in trade magazines, send out emails, blog, twitter. All great ways to spread the word and enhance the experience. Use this as a chance to catch up and cement relationships.

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